Pets by Josh is passionate about capturing the personality of your pet.  Since 1999, Josh has created hundreds of mesmerizing pet portraits. His dynamic color choices grab your attention and the soulful eyes he paints will captivate your heart.

We connect with all living things through our eyes.  By capturing the eyes of your pet, Josh keeps that bond of friendship alive through art. This is the secret that makes a Pets by Josh Portrait so special, so intimate and so engaging.  Whether you live with fond memories of your pet or you celebrate the life you share together, fill your home with the heart and soul of a Pets by Josh Portrait.

Josh is the official pet portrait artist of the Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball team.  His work has been featured in Colored Pencil Magazine and a handful of venues in the southeastern United States.  Prints of his work are distributed nationally and are available wholesale through Mary Mayo Home Furnishings.  He is an Art Instructor at High Point Friends School and his published illustrations are featured in these wonderful titles:

  • "The Legend of Harapan" by J.T. Campbell
  • "The Brotherhood of The Blade" by Andrew Zabriskie
  • "Daddy's Love Forever" by Lynda R. Taylor
  • "How Much Love Is In One Mommy?" by Lynda R. Taylor
  • "Wishful Thinking" by Max McNamara
  • "'Round the House Run, Run, Run" by James Franks.

Josh graduated from the College of Design at North Carolina State University in 1999.  He teaches private drawing lessons for all ages.  When he's not pursuing his artistic interests he is most likely spending time with his beautiful wife Melissa and his adorable daughter Hanah.